Hollywood Hellhouse and Hollywood Purity Ball

What is a hell house?, you might ask.  What is a purity ball? 

Hold on. One question at a time.  I might say.

Hell Houses are Evangelical haunted houses that depict real-life sins, including homosexuality, abortion, and Harry Potter-reading, and conclude with the sinners being tormented in hell.

In I purchased the rights to the official Hell House Kit licensed by Keenan Roberts from Trinity Baptist Church and produced a Hell House in Hollywood at the Center for Inquiry. We used the exact text from the script and followed the kit’s instructions for staging, including the recipe to create the bloody fetus for the abortion scene (raw chicken strips and ketchup.)

Visit HollywoodHellhouse.net

Read a New York Times article about the event.

Okay, so that’s a hell house. What is a purity ball?  Purity balls are prom-like events attended by fathers and their daughters (starting at age 5) celebrating the virtues of abstinence. 

In 2007 I staged a production of a Purity ball, set in Hollywood.

Here's an article from the LA Times.

And here’s a video of one of the songs, “I’m Saving It All For You, Daddy,” written by Spencer Green and Gary Stockdale.