Appearances and Interviews

Drinks With Tony

Tony and I discuss my work as we giggle over lots of coffee. Listen here

Mythos Magazine Interview

In this interview Sophia Richards and I talk about going "too far". Read the interview here


Off the Page Interview

Cara Strickland and I discuss Sin Bravely. Read the interview here


Interview on Horatio

I chat with the hosts of Horatio about my journey. Listen here


The Friendly Atheist

I speak with host Hemant Mehta about "spiritual terrorism"  and what someone with a Christian upbringing notices in a comedy writers' room. Listen here


Thinking God Podcast

Listen to me discuss Sin Bravely and my spiritual journey. Listen here


Huffington Post Interview

Mark Miller interviews me about Sin Bravely and my other projects. Read it here


The Dana Gould Hour

I'm featured on this entertaining and insightful podcast. Listen here


Read the Spirit Article

In this article and interview, David Crumm offers his thoughts on Sin Bravely and talks with me about a potential TV series. Read the article


Pieces of Faith

Faith looks different for all of us. Andee Zomerman hosts authors, artists, and non-profit leaders to help us put the pieces together   - Listen now


Thoughts, Rants, and Cold Coffee with Ron Placone

Sinning Bravely, Shedding the Fear of Evangelical Hell: Maggie Rowe  - Listen now


Tell me Everything with John Fugelsanger on SiriusXM Insight


Progressive Spirit

Listen to my episode on iTunes, SoundCloud, KBOO, or Podomatic. Progressive Spirit is an exciting program that meets listeners at the intersection of spirituality and social justice.


The Drew Marshall Show

Listen to my segment on the Drew Marshall Show, Canada's most listened to spiritual talk show. 


Probably Science

Listen to Episode 233

Maggie joins Matt and Andy to discuss entropy and evolution, false memory and sleep, synaesthesia and lightning strikes, icebergs and global warming, the antimatter story we didn’t cover, the origins of Stouffer's french bread pizza, and radio bursts from a galaxy billions of light years away.


NPR Weekend Edition

Listen to my interview with Scott Simon


The Ardent Atheist

Listen to Episode 199